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Our team in action


Dr. Matak and Dr. Custer at our new facility opening in August 2018.

CVA Alex and Dr. Custer caring for a feathered friend. We love them all!

Dr. Custer and our patient Dori. Who is examining who?

Receptionists Lauren and Ashley are ready to greet you and answer your calls.

CVA Phuong loving on one of our more exotic patients, a serval cat.

Dr. Custer and CVA Candace had the privilege of seeing this beauty.


Office manager, Margaret and Public Relations manager, Misa are part of the front line to make sure  each visit runs smooth.

Kennel technician, Alicia is pampering our patient, Willow. That is the face of leisure! 

Dr. Custer mentoring veterinary student, Storm.

We love to see all the pets, including the feathery and scaly ones!

Kennel Technician, Andrea, spends her time caring for all of our boarding clients.

These babies are the product of an emergency c-section. Our team is so lucky to be trusted with so many pets.