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Our Practice

Our Winnie Veterinary Clinic is devoted to your pet’s well being.

Our animal hospital in Winnie has been operating since 1964.

We provide a variety of veterinary medical services for small animals and exotic pets in Winnie, Texas and surrounding areas.

Contact us today at (409) 296-4248 to schedule your pet care appointment with our friendly and dedicated veterinary team!

Each of our 6 rooms are stocked with the tools we need for the doctor and technicians to perform   exams on your pets. 

If you drop off your pet for exams or surgeries, your pets will hang out in our treatment area. It is stocked with 3 exam tables and has access to the surgery suite, radiology and kennels.

Our surgery suite is connected to radiology and our treatment area. It is loaded with everything the doctors will need to perform 2 surgeries at one time.                             

Our pharmacy is stocked with medications your pets may need for treatment.  



This is the prep area for our kennel staff. Our technicians use this area to prepare and care for your pets while they are staying with us.


We have many runs to keep your pets cozy, while they are boarding with us. We provide bedding and food unless it is owner provided. 


The kennels have cinder-block walls and plexi-glass doors with no access to other pets. Each dog is walked outside 3 times, daily.


Our boarding cats have their own “condo” units to keep them comfortable while staying with us. Each condo has a perch for them, litter box, as well as a fish tank for them to enjoy watching.